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At Oblique Fitness we firmly believe that regardless of current physical wellbeing, background, age, gender, or occupation, everyone should be given the opportunity to make a positive change to their health and fitness regardless of how big or small that change desire shall be.

We pride ourselves in offering our professional knowhow, putting it into practical use, and always putting your best interests before our own. As a result, we offer a large variety of services to assist as many people as possible to help reach their goals and maximum potential. Our services include;

  • Body fat loss

  • Lean muscle gain

  • Body composition change

  • Motivational change

  • Physique toning

  • Cardiovascular endurance increase

  • Muscle endurance increase

  • Performance event training

We conduct our 1-to-1 and group personal training sessions using a variety of methods;

  • In our state of the art personal training studio

  • On the road with our mobile fitness studio

  • At specific commercial gym locations​

We also specialise in a range of training styles;

  • Weightlifting

  • HIIT training

  • Circuit training

  • Boxercise

What personal training services does Oblique Fitness offer?: News
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