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Personal training is the professional support and guidance collaboration between a client and a trainer to help and encourage the accomplishment of a pre-determined set of realistic goals.

Typically a personal trainer holds a level 3 qualification or above in personal training and appropriate insurance cover which allows them to safely and accurately work with you to produce detailed and goal specific exercise programmes.

Personal training doesn't just need to take place in a gym environment, it can take place in any setting and any location depending on your needs and goals, as well as the trainers own professional ideology. These include;

  • In a public park

  • At your house or garden

  • In open areas of land

  • Over the phone via call or video chat

  • Over messaging services via documented plans

Not only does a personal trainer hold the knowledge to assist you in achieving your goals, they are passionate about helping you on your life-long relationship journey with health and fitness, meaning you are in the most capable hands possible to make positive personal lifestyle changes.

What is personal training?: News
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