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Testimonials: Testimonials

I met James at JD Gyms in Wolverhampton, he was instructing a class in which I was participating. What differentiated James from other PTs was the fact that he ensured that all the participants were correctly completing the moves he had asked us to do - after this session he took me aside, taking time out of his own schedule, to detail to me what was going wrong.

He then offered me a complimentary session, to review my posture as a whole.His honesty, and openness to discuss the solution was rather refreshing. He works on the basis that people should be educated, not dictated to - so they can continue developing. I signed up to an 8 week Full Body Postural Correction Programme - may I say the time flew by! James educated me in exercises and therapy to correct my posture, he ensured I had the tools to fix myself! Now at the end of my first phase with James, I'm an inch or two taller, the pain in my joints has reduced and my performance in running has greatly improved! May I add his ability to improvise, adapt and overcome (he is quite the Bear Grylls) during the Pandemic is something to be applauded.

Pre-empting the lockdown of Gyms, he set himself up in his van and offered me uninterrupted COVID Secure Therapy sessions.With the gyms back open, and my postural correction done, I look forward to commencing formal PT sessions with James now!I apologise for having rambled on, but I sure do appreciate a coherent review when signing up to something so integral! You won't regret signing up with James, but may I add that any results also require an equal if not greater effort than the participant. If you're ready for change, get on board!

Rajun L


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Testimonials: Testimonials

The Oblique Fitness Massage Roller is great for muscle recovery after exercise. I have been able to help my shin splints and exercise more frequently, now pain-free!

Joe P

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