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Our Oblique Fitness Knee Wraps are made from the highest quality, heavy duty nylon materials to maximise comfort and support for all of your weightlifting activities.


The strong elasticated fabric along with the heavy duty Velcro strap allows for a reliable and stable bond to ensure you truly have the knee support you need whether you are aiming for a heavy squat PB or simply suffering from weak knee stability.


Why are Oblique Fitness Grey Camouflage Knee Wraps suitable for me? We truly believe that knee wraps are a great way to assist with your heavy squats and provide the necessary support to significantly reduce injury likelihood by keeping the knee joint in a fixed position, while still being able to get the correct amount of depth.

Knee Wraps

  • - 210 cm Length

    - Elasticated Nylon Material

    - Heavy Duty Velcro Strap

    - PVC Zipped Carry Case

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